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The following list is a basic guide to the materials and equipment needed going into the classes for 2023. You may select lower budget items (although this can sometimes negatively impact the artwork) or prefer to spend a bit more and purchase higher quality items. You may already have some things on the list and so won't need to purchase them again. Don't stress if your budget is really tight - some items can be left out with minimal impact to the course itself. Feel free to email me if you need some advice (info@robertkingdomart).

*Students who are in the 6-9 year old classes or who are just studying watercolour painting will not require all items from the list. For students in the 6-9 year old classes, just look for the purple items in the list. I'm happy to give further advice/clarification if needed.

If you would rather avoid shopping around for the required items yourself, I have added links to each item as found on Zart Art's website: plus one or two other sources where Zart Art don't have the product. (Zart Art are the largest supplier of school art supplies in Australia and are located in Box Hill North, Melbourne.) This will be particularly useful for people living in Australia (although Zart Art do deliver overseas too). Be aware that their delivery prices may vary, depending on what state/territory you live in. Prices are cheapest in metro-Melbourne. There is no pressure at all to buy from Zart Art - you are welcome to source items from wherever you choose.

General Materials/Equipment:


Watercolour Painting:

(Remember, you can source similar items elsewhere)


2023 Materials/Equipment

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