The following list is a basic guide to the materials and equipment needed for the Term 3 Watercolour Course. You may select lower budget items or prefer to spend a bit more and purchase higher quality items. You may already have some things on the list and so won't need to purchase them again. Don't stress if your budget is really tight - some items can be left out with minimal impact to the course itself. Feel free to email me if you need some advice (info@robertkingdomart).

Required Items:

  • Set of watercolour paints (tubes - at least 12 colours)

  • Set of soft brushes (Taklon/Hair):

  • Round #0

  • Round #2

  • Round #4 (optional)

  • Round #6

  • Flat #2 (optional)

  • Flat #4

  • Flat #8

  • Flat #12 (optional)

  • Fan #8​

  • Plastic pipettes (droppers) or small pouring jug (for water)

  • Plastic palette (preferably with small wells and some larger sections for mixing)

  • Masking fluid (unless allergic to latex or used with latex free gloves)

  • Pad of watercolour/thick-cartridge paper (at least 200gsm, A4 or larger, medium or smooth texture - hot pressed is smoothest)

  • Grey-lead pencil (HB or 2B)

  • Eraser 

  • Sharpener

  • Fineliner (waterproof, pigmented ink)

Optional Extras for the Serious Artist:

  • Other sized/shaped watercolour brushes not already listed

  • Gummed Tape

  • Wooden support board (A bit larger than A3 to allow for taping)

Online Shopping List - Zart Art

If you would rather avoid shopping around for the required items yourself, I have put together an online shopping list with links to each item as found on Zart Art's website: This will be particularly useful for people living in Australia (although Zart Art does deliver overseas too). Be aware that their delivery prices may vary, depending on what state/territory you live in. Prices are cheapest in metro-Melbourne.

I have chosen items that will serve the beginning artist/budget conscious well. You'll be looking at somewhere between $80 - $100 AUD if purchasing all of the "required" items from the list. You are very welcome to leave some items out if you have them already or to vary things to suit your needs and budget.

The Shopping List:

Choose from one of the following fineliner options (0.1 is the finest nib size):

Choose from one of the following paper options:

Optional Extras:

  • Gummed Tape:

  • Wooden Support Board: Not available at Zart. Try getting a sheet of MDF or Masonite from Bunnings or another hardware store and ask them to cut it in half for you if it is too big.

Term 3 Materials/Equipment