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Watercolour Classes

This course is suitable for children (10 years and up), teens and adults who are just setting out in their artistic journey or are partway along and would value extra guidance and support. Some adjustments will be made to cater for different age-groups but the key information and concepts will remain the same.

What things will be covered in the classes?

  • Equipment and how to use it

  • A brief history of watercolour painting

  • Brush techniques

  • How to apply the paint for different effects/results

  • Building up layers of colour

  • Colour mixing

  • How to add tone/value and convey form with watercolours

  • Technical exercises

  • Learn how to paint things such as fruit and koi fish

Along the way, we will also be exploring the Elements and Principles of Art and Design and will examine artworks by various artists - looking at how watercolour paints lend themselves to a variety of styles and subject matter. 

PDFs of PowerPoint presentations and other resources used will be made available to participants.

To see what equipment will be required, please click here.

How much will it cost?

Lessons for groups of children, teens or adults are priced at $20 (AUD) - per week. This does not include materials/equipment which students will need to purchase separately. Payment can be made either through PayPal or online banking. Relevant details will be provided via email (

How long does the course go for?

The course will run over 10 weeks (or less depending on the length of the term).

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