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Mr Kingdom's School of Art

Welcome to Mr Kingdom's School of Art!

The doors of this online art school are open for children, teens and adults interested in learning traditional drawing and painting skills and acquiring a knowledge of art theory and history.


Classes will be taught from a Christian-worldview - looking at the world of art through a biblical lens. Great care will be taken to ensure that the content of lessons is age-appropriate and modest.

The following age groups will be catered for:

Children (10 -12 years or upper primary age)

Teens (13 -18 years or high-school age)


Classes (live) will run online using Zoom.

Hour-long classes may be scheduled during the following times (AEDT/AEST - depending on time of year):

Mondays to Thursdays

Current Groups (With Openings for more students in each): 
7:00 - 8:00pm AEST Mondays (Lower secondary - mixed)
4:15 - 5:15pm AEST Tuesdays (Upper Primary Boys)
7:00 - 8:00pm AEST Tuesdays (Upper Primary Girls)
4:15 - 5:15pm AEST Thursdays (Upper Primary - Mixed)

* Please note that these times are a guide and that some changes may occur over time. These times are current as of 20/06/22.


Individual tutorials: $50 AUD for an hour long session.

Group classes: $20 per person for an hour long session (excluding the cost of materials/equipment).

Classes will focus on particular skills/media for blocks of time (e.g 10 weeks to study watercolour painting). Some people may wish to enrol in ongoing classes throughout the year while others may prefer to just enrol in particular courses that most interest them.

You are welcome to try and slot into existing groups as they form or form a group with others that you know and work out a suitable time with me.


Home-education groups are also welcome to connect with me and discuss different options. Parents may participate in the classes along with their children. Half of my students currently are home-schooled and join the afternoon and evening classes along with mainstream school students.

More information is available using the menu-tabs under the main "Art Classes" tab.

Thank you in anticipation to all who will join me in this journey of discovery into the world of art!

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