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2024 Calendar

My chalk pastel drawing 'Picnic at River's Bend' was recently printed onto three soundproofing panels in the foyer at Altona Evangelical Church in Melbourne's western suburbs. It's been very encouraging hearing so many favourable comments about the work. The panels themselves are very effective at cutting down the noise that comes with after service cuppas and the image reflects some of the nearby scenery. It's a blessing to be part of a church that supports local artists.

6 - 9 Year Old Art Class 

I'm excited to announce a new art class starting for younger children (6-9) - kicking off on Thursday 16th February 2023. We have three students already enrolled and very excited to get started. Please contact me if interested. Please note that my approach to art education won't necessarily suit every child. Children that do best in my classes are able to focus well, listen to and follow instructions and show a passion to learn how to realistically represent the beauty of the world around them. While there will be a strong emphasis on developing observational skills in my classes, students will be given room to explore and develop their personal style and creativity. (Children that want a more playful and open-ended, craft-based approach might be better suited to finding a program that more fully meets those needs).

I will be running a fortnightly adult watercolour class at my home in Werribee, Melbourne, on Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:00. A light supper is provided. $30 per lesson. Students will need to purchase their own materials and equipment but I do have backup supplies. Please get in touch if you're interested. I'm hoping to start by late Feb/early March 2023.

My very first CALENDAR is now available to purchase through my online Zazzle store! Customers may change the starting month/year, the size and the holidays most suited to their country as they order online at

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